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The collection where it all began, and Laura Gravestock Jewellery started. Featuring our signature hearts, as well as iconic pieces written in Laura's unique font with precious metals, this collection really allows your jewellery to do the talking.

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Piece type
Earring Type
Piece type
Earring Type
Gold Heart Ear ClimberGold Heart Ear Climber
Gold Heart RingGold Heart Ring
Gold Written Heart Ring Sale price$64.00
Gold Heart Stud Earrings
Gold Heart Thread Through Earrings
Gold Interlocking link necklace
Gold Infinity RingGold Infinity Ring
Gold Love RingGold Love Ring
Gold Written Love Ring Sale price$64.00
Gold Lucky Number 13 NecklaceTaylor Swift wears number 13 necklace in gold
Gold Five Heart Bracelet
Gold Three Heart Necklace
Gold Three Heart RingGold Three Heart Ring
Gold Five Heart Necklace
Gold Personalised BraceletGwyneth Paltrow wears personalised gwyneth bracelet in gold
Gold Personalised Initial Necklace
Gold Personalised NecklaceHelen Skelton wears personalised Helen Necklace
Personalised Ring GoldPersonalised stacker rings silver
Gold Number 5 NecklaceGold Number 1 Necklace
Gold Star Bracelet
Gold Star Hoop EarringsOphelia Lovibond wears star hoops in gold
Gold Star Necklace
Gold Star RingGold Star Ring
Gold Written Star Ring Sale price$64.00
Gold Star Stud Earrings
Gold Star Threader EarringsStar Threader Earrings Gold
Gold Heart RingGold Heart Ring
Gold Knot RingGold Knot Ring
Gold Knot Stud Earrings
Gold X O Stud EarringsGold O Stud Earring
Gold XOXO Ear ClimberGold XOXO Ear Climber
Gold XOXO RingGold XOXO Ring
Gold Written XOXO Ring Sale price$64.00
Silver Heart Ear ClimberSilver Heart Ear Climber
Silver Heart RingSilver Heart Ring
Silver Written Heart Ring Sale price$51.00
Silver Heart Stud Earrings
Silver Heart Thread Through Earrings
Silver interlocking link necklace
Silver Infinity RingSilver Infinity Ring
Silver Love RingSilver Love Ring
Silver Written Love Ring Sale price$51.00
Silver Lucky Number Necklace
Silver Five Heart Bracelet
Silver Three Heart NecklaceCaroline Flack wears three heart necklace in silver
Silver Three Heart RingSilver Three Heart Ring
Silver Five Heart Necklace
Silver Personalised Bracelet
Silver Personalised Initial Necklace
Silver Personalised Necklace
Personalised Ring SilverLucy stacking rings silver
Silver Number 7 NecklaceSilver Number 1 Necklace
Silver Star Bracelet
Silver Star Hoop Earrings