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Jewellery Care

How to care for your jewellery

    • When not in use, protect your jewellery by storing in tissue paper, a soft cloth or jewellery pouch. Always store your jewellery pieces individually, so that they don’t rub together, scratch or tangle.
    • Treat your jewellery with love, and don't wear it to bed. We recommend removing jewellery when participating in any physical or labour-intensive activities. Do not attempt to bend or re-shape any jewellery as this can damage the piece.
    • We recommend you do not wear your jewellery whilst washing up, cleaning, using chemicals or hand sanitiser, swimming or bathing (including washing your hands and showering). Chemicals contained in perfumes, deodorants, hair and beauty products may damage or discolour your jewellery - avoid spraying directly onto your piece.
    • Gold plating (also known as gold vermeil) is a process where silver is submerged in a plating solution and an electrical current is passed through, attracting the atoms of gold onto it. The thickness of plating is usually expressed in microns (1000 microns=1 mm), and all of our plated pieces are given 3 microns of gold plating. Plated items, needless to say, are delicate and should be worn with care. Don’t worry if your plating gets worn or damaged, or the silver beneath the plating starts to show through, as the solid silver underneath can be easily re-plated to return your piece to its former glory. Please contact Laura for advice, or to arrange the re-plating of your item.
    • To clean plated items, gently rub with a soft cloth or clean in a mild solution of soapy water. To clean silver, use a polishing cloth, mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush or a jewellery dip. If using a jewellery dip, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions


      All Laura Gravestock items have a limited warranty of 6 months. In the unlikely event that a piece is deemed faulty, we will replace it if returned within 6 months of receipt of the product. If items have been mistreated or damaged these cannot be replaced or credited, as we are unable to assume responsibility for any damages the jewellery may incur if cared for otherwise than the stated above. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the loss or theft of any pieces.